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Patient Rights List
Frequently Asked Questions-HIPPA Program
Notice of Privacy Practices - HIPAA

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Listaan Kadagiti Pagrebbengan Ti Pasyente
Pagrukodan No Kasano Ti Pannakapnek Ti Pasyente
Listaan Dagiti Saludsod Ken Sungbat- Programa Ti HIPPA
Kasuratan Kadagiti Pribado A Paglintegan-HIPPA
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We want to know what you think! Our goal is to provide the absolute best in personal care. You can help us achieve that by taking our surveys! They're free and take 10 minutes or less! Help us help you by clicking the appropriate buttons below!
Contact 565-6919 x121 to request a paper copy of any survey.
Kayatmi nga ammoen no ania ti kapanunotanyo! Ti gannuatmi ket mangipaay ti kasasayaatan a pannakataripato ti bagi. Makatulong kayo kadakami tapno magun-od daytoy a gannuat babaen ti pannakiparteyo iti daytoy a pagrukodan (survey)! Libre ken agpa-ut laeng ti 10 a minutos wenno basbassit pay! Tulongandakamii tapno matulongandakayo babaen ti panangi-click ti tatalmegan nga adda ti baba!
Awagan ti numero a 565-6919 x 121 no kayatyo ti dumawat iti papel a kopya ti daytoy a pagrukodan (survey).

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Pagrukodan ti Pannakapnek ti Pasyente
(Patient Satisfaction Survey)

Patient Needs Assessment Survey

Pagrukodan A Kasapulan Dagiti Pasyente
(Patient Needs Assessment Survey)

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